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[category-introduction] Are you ready to elevate your laundry space with stylish and functional tapware? At Tradelink, we understand that laundry tapware is more than just a practical necessity, but a design element that deserves attention. If you’re looking for an opportunity to enhance the visual appeal of your laundry room, our laundry tap collection is what you need. From basic laundry taps to innovative mixers designed for washing machines, we curated a selection that ensures precise water control without compromising style. And with matching sinks and tubs, your utility room will look and function seamlessly. Choose from chrome, matte black, brushed gold and more to find the perfect match for your laundry area. Check our laundry buying guide and explore our extensive catalogue of laundry tapware!
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[section-a-heading] Explore our broad catalogue of laundry tapware
[section-a-content] Tapware is often regarded as mere practical components in a laundry room, but in reality, they are also visual details you shouldn’t ignore. From simple laundry mixers to innovative laundry taps for washing machines, these fixtures are responsible for precise water control for washing fabrics. At Tradelink, we make sure you can furnish your laundry area with stylish taps or mixers, with options ranging from chrome laundry taps to brushed gold laundry taps. Browse our fine selection of functional and aesthetically pleasing laundry tapware from leading suppliers in Australia and beyond. 
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Here at Tradelink, you will be spoilt for choice with our durable and efficient taps. We have classic wall-mounted laundry taps to save space in your laundry room that do not require a countertop. If your flooring is made from sensitive materials, consider gooseneck or pull-out laundry sink taps for minimising water splashes. And for a more affordable option, you can’t go wrong with our long-lasting and easy-to-maintain mounted laundry taps.

Laundry mixer taps are made to control both the flow and temperature of water. You only need one mixer to get cold, hot or lukewarm water in gentle or powerful streams. Aside from the effortless water control, our laundry mixers come in elegant modern designs. Choose from twin-handle gooseneck mixers, side lever square sink mixers or swivel mixers. Options come in a variety of finishes, including matte black, chrome and brushed gold. 

If you’re only looking to upgrade or replace existing laundry tap handles, we have those, too. Available models have ergonomic designs for easy and comfortable handling. So, even if your hands are wet, you won’t have any trouble gripping and operating our laundry tap handles. Our available options include cross handles and minimalist levers. And the best part? We have various finishes that will seamlessly fit into your existing tapware, whether you have matte black laundry taps or brushed nickel laundry taps.

The base of your laundry tapware is mounted into the wall or on the cabinet for structural support. And just because they are a mostly unseen foundational element does not mean you can’t enjoy stylistic choices in laundry tap bases. At Tradelink, we supply a selection of bases in various designs and finishes so you can coordinate with other elements in your laundry room. You can also opt for exposed wall sink bases for a more industrial feel. 

Trusted brands of laundry tapware
We have partnered with some of the most trusted brands in the industry to bring you the best laundry tapware. Some of these brands are: 

Raymor is synonymous with excellence in tapware design and engineering. Their laundry tapware range includes cabinet mounted, laundry wall tap sets and pull-out mixers with multi-function sprays. Their designs blend form and function, adding both elegance and practicality to your laundry space. 

In the world of tapware, Caroma is known for their water-saving technology with laundry tapware featuring aerators and flow restrictors. Moreover, Caroma’s laundry taps have easy-to-clean surfaces and anti-bacterial properties.

Oliveri stays true to their reputation of precision-crafted stainless steel products with their laundry tapware. The material contributes to a modern aesthetic and prioritises resistance to rust. From chrome pull-out mixers to matte black laundry taps, Oliveri’s products add a touch of practicality and sophistication to your laundry room.

Phoenix’s laundry taps and mixers push the boundaries of traditional tapware design, with sleek matte black finishes to brushed gold laundry taps. At Tradelink, the brand boasts the largest selection of tapware to ensure there is something for every aesthetic and functional requirement.

Nero’s laundry tapware selection features cabinet-mounted options, wall tap sets, and pull-out mixers with versatile sprays. These designs seamlessly blend form and function, adding both elegance and practicality to your laundry space. Nero's a great choice for those seeking stylish, low-maintenance accessories for laundry rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms.

… and more

Our commitment to providing diverse options here at Tradelink means we partner with many reputable brands. We want to bring you an expansive laundry tapware selection, with choices that cater to traditional, contemporary and eclectic tastes.

Why source your laundry tapware from Tradelink
When you buy laundry tapware here at Tradelink, you benefit from our:

  • Extensive variety - We have a broad catalogue of tapware options for your needs.
  • Quality assurance - We source our products from the most trusted suppliers in the market, including Raymor, Caroma, Nero, Oliveri and Phoenix. We also have an accommodating return and exchange policy, in case there is a problem with your laundry tapware order. Additionally, our policies cover warranties for manufacturing defects.
  • Expert guidance - Our knowledgeable staff is always available to assist you in making informed laundry tapware decisions. Book a free consultation with one of our Laundry specialists either online or at your nearest showroom to consult about a product or request a quote for orders. We also have a blog where you can get expert information with our buying guides for laundry tapware, laundry products and more.
  • Convenience - The ability to shop your laundry mixers and taps is an unparalleled convenience. However, Tradelink is not just an online store - we also have showroom locations across Australia where you can compare laundry tapware before making a purchase.

Shop laundry tapware online or in-store at Tradelink
Whether you’re looking to install new laundry tapware or upgrade existing taps, mixers, handles and bases, you can find what you need here at Tradelink. We offer a complete range of tapware to enhance the usefulness and design of your laundry. They go really well with our selection of laundry sinks and tubs!

Order online and get it delivered, or pick up your new laundry tapware from any of our stores. Just select ‘Click and collect’ upon checkout!

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[seo-section-b-title] Laundry Tapware Frequently Asked Questions
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[accordion-item-title-1] What types of laundry tapware does Tradelink offer?
[accordion-item-content-1] We have a diverse array of laundry mixers, spouts, handles, cartridges and bases that will make for great additions to your laundry room. If you’re looking for a specific product type, use our search bar and click ‘View all’ to see the results. You can also refine your search for laundry tapware by filtering the brand, colour, stock availability and more. 
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[accordion-item-title-2] How do I choose the right tapware for my laundry room?
[accordion-item-content-2] The main considerations for laundry tapware are your functional requirements, design preferences and space availability in your laundry area. If you don’t have room for additional counters, for instance, opt for wall-mounted laundry taps. To maximise the utility of your tapware, consider installing pull-out mixers with spray features and laundry taps for washing machines.
If you need any help, you can contact us for a free consultation or refer to our buying guide for laundry tapware
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[accordion-item-title-3] Are there any warranty or guarantees on the laundry tapware?
[accordion-item-content-3] Yes! We offer warranties for the products we carry at Tradelink. However, the terms will vary depending on the brand and the product. Please review the warranty information before purchasing or contact our customer service for details.
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[accordion-item-title-4] How do I install the tapware, or do you offer installation services?
[accordion-item-content-4] Our laundry tapware comes with different installation requirements. However, you may need professional assistance from a plumber to install bases and more complex tapware and ensure they function correctly.
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[accordion-item-title-5] How do I care for and maintain my laundry tapware to ensure longevity?

Follow these steps to ensure the durability of your laundry tapware for long-term use: 

  • Clean your laundry tapware periodically using mild soap or detergent and a soft cloth. This simple routine removes dirt, grime and water spots that can accumulate over time. 
  • Steer clear of abrasive cleaners or harsh chemicals. They can harm the finish of your tapware, leading to premature wear, corrosion and damaged visual appeal. 
  • Opt for a soft, non-abrasive cloth when cleaning. Microfibre cloths or cotton towels are perfect, as they won’t scratch or damage the surface of your laundry tapware.
  • Prevent mineral build-up with a water softener if you live in an area with hard water.
  • If you encounter stubborn stains or deposits, use gentle cleaning techniques. Soak a cloth in a mixture of equal parts water and white vinegar to dissolve minerals without causing damage to your tapware.
  • Depending on the laundry tapware’s material and finish, apply occasional polishing. For instance, you can use a chrome-specific polish for chrome laundry taps or a soft brush for brushed nickel laundry taps and other brushed finishes. Avoid using abrasive pads as they can scratch the finishing of your tapware.

Incorporate these steps into your cleaning routine to extend both the lifespan and appeal of your laundry tapware. If you encounter permanent damage or disrupted functionality to your taps and mixers, consider seeking professional advice.

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